About Us

  • Avooq is a Bespoke Product Solutions firm based in Australia providing high end 3D Printables and Consumer Products for local and international markets. We are working towards bridging the gap between 3D Printables and Consumer Products – offering commercial grade products that can be infinitely improved when coupled with 3D Printing technologies. We  are not your typical Product company! Our team consists of driven and ambitious designers motivated to innovate.  Often venturing outside the normal, we are not afraid to explore the unknown.  

  • We believe in using great design to drive a positive ecological change within the consumer market place. Our core 3D Printables segment combines older useless technologies and products with the ever advancing 3D Printed technologies – you can also find all of our products on most 3D Printing communities and websites.

  • If you decide to print one of our products don’t hesitate to let us know, we love seeing them being used and shared by everyone! All our products and services are delivered with the highest quality and craftsmanship. At the end of the day, what we deliver is a reflection on us and what we are all about and we want you to walk away feeling good about your decision to use our products or services. Our primary avenue of release is the online marketplace, in particular crowd-funding platforms. This way we can offer great product solutions at very affordable price. For updates on soon to be released products or 3D Printables, please follow our social media pages or send us an email with your contact details – we would be happy to inform of any new or upcoming product developments.

The Process.

Avooq Creations follows a strict and thorough design process from research, conceptualization, development through to prototyping and testing. We pride ourselves on delivering product design solutions that meet and exceed your expectations, including :

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